strong style and eternal durability

A winning combination that allows the merging of wood and aluminium with sharper and stronger shapes to fit more contemporary styles. Maximum performance in multiple colour solutions both for the wood and the aluminium parts.

Possible energy values
Value of frame and door Uf 1,24
Value of glass Ug 0,40
Thermal transmittance Uw 0,73 w/m²k
Quality is in the details:
  • A
    The structure is made of wood, with a 70 mm thick door, to ensure the right resistance to deformation and optimum thermal performance.
  • B
    The outer ALUMINIUM coating, with a strong looking profile, is fixed with an open joint system through specific nylon clips that allow the expansion of the two different materials as well as proper ventilation to prevent harmful condensation. The solid colour aluminium profiles are welded on the corners. A number of finishes with wood effect, anodized, dark bronze or copper are also available.
  • C
    Axis 13 HARDWARE is then installed, certified with the RAL quality mark for maximum reliability and durability. Windows and doors feature tilt and turn, Level 2 anti-burglary mechanisms as standard, also with concealed hinges.
  • D
    The water-based PAINTING cycle is performed with a first protective, colouring, anti parasitic and anti-mould dip impregnation. After that, an additional primer is applied, again by dipping. The subsequent phases are manual sanding and then a coat of water-soluble and breathable finish. Finishes are available in a wide range of solutions that enhance the characteristics of the material. The coating of the aluminium cover is made in the kiln with special products, in order to ensure maximum durability over time.
  • E
    3 SEALS are fitted along the entire perimeter of the frame, ensuring an optimum level of thermal and acoustic insulation. They are made with material particularly resistant to weather, UV, ozone and at temperatures from -40° to +100°.
  • F
    33.1BE+16gas+4 GLAZING (compliant with UNI 7697:2014) is standard, but dual-chamber triple-glazing up to 43 mm thick can also be installed, with ratios up to Ug = 0.4. To further improve performance, Warm Edge thermal ducts are also available. All glazing units are sealed around the perimeter with a double internal and external seal.
  • G
    The French window is made with a single lower crosspiece, a big aesthetic improvement for greater brightness. The innovative lower stop profile with thermal cut in resin-aluminium, fixed to the floor, only 25 mm thick, meets the standards for architectural barriers.
    The seal is guaranteed by a triple stop with seals.
  • H
    The CENTRAL NODE for 2 door frames is made with the asymmetric section of the two uprights inside and a central band outside, in order to minimise the front appearance of the node.