The company

storiaMarinigOur story began in the small town of Gagliano di Cividale, with the activity of Giuseppe Marinig, born in 1894. Giuseppe worked in his small home workshop, catering for the carpentry needs of local families: building wagons, barrels, agricultural tools, doors and windows and leaving a beautiful memory of his work in the artistic choir of the parish church. His son Remo, born in 1929, fascinated by his father’s tools and the adaptability of wood, wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and, still a teenager but eager for knowledge, rode for miles on his bike for his apprenticeship as a carpenter, cartwright, furniture maker and then door and window maker. Rich in experience, at the end of the fifties he started his own workshop. There came the first customers, the first successes, the first employees, the first machines, the wood drying kiln, the new paints, the innovative Wagner windows, the doors and windows for the first apartment buildings and those for the first villas, which established professionals commissioned to young emerging architects. And that was the place where his son, Paolo, born in 1960, spent his summer vacations building toys for himself and his friends, learning the scent of the woods, their characteristics, their uses and following his father on construction sites and in sawmills for selecting the best logs.

These were the 70’s, and the workshop had become too small. So Remo built a facility four times larger and dedicated himself exclusively to the construction of windows and doors, investing in the latest equipment and in new window profiles; double glazing made its first appearance, then new tilt-turn handles, rubber seals and dip impregnants. At the dawn of the early 80’s Paolo, the third generation of Marinig fabricators, now in control of the activity, introduced the very first CNC machines, the first computers, the first double seal windows; an exciting development continued with the use of new coating techniques, production with glulam, strict production controls and wider markets.

Customers were increasingly appreciative of the frame quality and the facility became small again. Paolo Marinig decided to quadruple again the business with the current site in Via Dell’Artigianato, Cividale. Those years were dedicated to creating a new way of proposing windows and doors, with increasing performance and continuous technical evolution. A complex but very flexible production structure was set up in order to meet the customers’ demands, with doors and windows in infinite combinations of shapes, colours, woods, aluminium and bronze coatings and high-performance triple glazing. To complete the offer to the customer, a new plant was recently created for the production of PVC windows, with unique design and thermal characteristics, manufactured with Marinig’s extensive skills. The hyper technological plants guarantee high precision and reliability, but production still requires the inevitable manual touch and watchful eye of skilled workers, who know the art of frames and the best use of the high quality materials provided by our partners. These suppliers have been working with Marinig for 30, 40 or even 50 years, and that is a sign of mutual trust and fairness. The same qualities we want to transmit to our clients every day.

Giuseppe Marinig was born in 1894, followed by Remo, then Paolo and the fourth generation is already working in the company, preparing to face future challenges with a renewed vision, so that Marinig story can still continue under the sign of ART AND TECHNOLOGY.