Efficient building

The concept of “low consumption” is a parameter in continuous development.
The European Community has requested that by 2020 all new buildings must be constructed as to require “nearly zero energy”.
These buildings, designed and built with the most innovative technologies and materials, in addition to reduced consumption, must also ensure high living comfort.
Energy efficiency is not limited to new construction. Also the redevelopment of buildings is important and strategic in Europe, where we have an often old housing stock, which is inadequate to energy saving requirements.
In this scenario, it becomes imperative to develop the skills necessary to work for energy efficiency.

There are several national and international bodies concerned with energy efficiency and environmental sustainability (CasaClima, Leed, Passivhaus, ClimAbita, ecc…) ethat guarantee with their protocols the quality of construction, renovation or upgrading, allowing the efficiency of the intervention to be measured.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, APE (the Energy Agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia ), promotes sustainable development, dealing with the energy certification of buildings, providing training and significant support regarding energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources.

CasaClima – KlimaHaus

The CasaClima Agency of Bolzano is a public structure that deals with the certification of buildings, but not only. The Agency also provides training programs for all those involved in the construction and promotes initiatives to raise awareness and empower all citizens on energy conservation, sustainability and climate change, working with leading industry partners, companies and institutions, both in Italy and abroad.

MARINIG e CasaClima

A CasaClima certified building is notable for its excellent thermal performance, high attention to quality construction and attention to environmental sustainability. A CasaClima Certification is therefore a mark of quality.
Marinig Serramenti was the first window and door maker to be a CasaClima Partner in FVG and is today an asserted CasaClima Artisan. Our products have been installed in many certified homes, from rustic renovations to new modern buildings.
In this process, the company has developed the skills, which allow it to provide a highly professional service to designers and clients, as well as doors and windows that can best respond to their expectations.